Monday, December 29, 2008

Fastbreak Pass

Let's finish the year showing one of the Tim Duncan's great skills.

The pass. Watching some posts passing is like a nightmare, but Duncan (as others before, let's remember Sabonis, for example) is a great passer, which adds another dimension to his game.

In today's video, we see the Spurs' post opening the fastbreak. He grabs the rebound, dribbles fast and gives a great bounced pass with one hand for his teammate to score. See how he prepares the pass making the last dribble a little bit higher than the others, how he extends his arm, and his wrip's flexion at the end of the pass...

"Playmakeresque" as my friend Jeff would say...

1 comment:

Jeffrey Manuel Wong said...

Ha, you got my lingo just right, Raúl. :)

It's no wonder they call Duncan "Big Fundamental." He's so good technically, even running the floor like a guard. Nowhere near as fast, though. ;)