Friday, January 23, 2009

Back To The Basket Moves

I've been asked during the last months to bring more back to the basket moves. And from now on I'll try to show in a regular basis some interesting moves from different players from different leagues.

Today we'll watch Tyrus Thomas, one of the young players from the Chicago Bulls (one of the younger teams in the league). I'm watching them more often that at the begining of the regular season, because I think that they are approaching now to the team idea they had some time ago. They have a tremendous potential, they are a very physical team (they are the fifth best team in blocks) and I'm sure they have a very interesting future.

In the video we have Thomas against a smaller player, posting up, and finishing with a good move that starts with Tyrus dribbling with his left hand towards the axis and ends with a spin over his left shoulder towards baseline, to score with his right hand, avoiding the block from the Knick's player.

Let's take a look.

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