Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NCAA: Inside Players - Greg Monroe

As my twitter friends already know, I’ve been watching some young inside players during the last week (BTW you can follow me on twitter). I’m really interested in the development of inside players, and I like to watch those called to be NBA stars, to find out the way they improve during their NCAA career.

The first player I’m going to show you is Georgetown’s Greg Monroe. A very good Spanish blogger, el “Profe” Paniagua talked about him some weeks ago, and I started analyzing some of his games.

Monroe is a freshman, and according to NBADraft he will stay one more year in college before jumping to the NBA.

It could be a wise decision, in order to gain weight and improve his defense against stronger players, maybe his main weakness (take a look at the first images). He’s a good blocker and rebounder (both on defense and offense). He has long arms and big hands and he knows how to use them to steal passes and deflect many balls (as we can see in the video).

On the other end of the floor, he has something really important for a player his size, he’s a good free throw shooter and forgetting about percentages (near 70%), his free throw’s shooting technique is quite good. He’s a great player from the high post, he can shot from that range but what he likes the most is to drive to the basket to finish. He has some moves near the basket and is developing a good right hand hook (he’s left handed). Finally, watch him running the break…

He’s been called “the best freshman prospect in America” by Draftexpress.com so he’s a player to keep an eye (or two) on.

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