Sunday, April 26, 2009

Help African Basketball

My friend Brian McCormick, as you probably know he's the founder of The Crossover Movement, is looking for help for a very interesting non-profit organization: African Basketball Online. Some of their goals: "developing basketball, and providing leadership education to students, coaches, administrators, and organizations in Africa."

It's really interesting to read what Brian has to say about basketball development in Africa. Also great to find out what the wonderful people from ABO are doing for Basketball there.

I'm sure that many people who read RJMBasketball can help them, and that's the goal of this post.

They're doing a fantastic job, they need help, we have everything and as you can find from Brian's experience they have almost anything "100+ kids, 2 baskets and 4 basketballs - many of the kids walked to the clinic and played in their barefeet. I went to a holiday tournament at another school and watched a team of 11-year-old girls playing barefoot on an asphalt court on a sunny 85-degree day with two pairs of flip-flops that the shared with each other every couple minutes."

Can YOU help? Do you WANT to help? Contact them at:

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