Friday, May 15, 2009

Euroleague: Defensive Priorities

Another very interesting thing to watch in the final was how PAO decided to organize their defense when CSKA's center Kaun was playing.

Every time he appeared on the court, PAO's defense reacted by helping from Kaun's defender. Something that hurted CSKA's offense in the second quarter as we will see in the video.

Whenever a help had to be done, Kaun's defender was there. We can see Batiste helping in baseline, and not worrying about Kaun's pop to free throw line. Also a long flash to stop Siskauskas. Again Batiste jumping to stop Siskauskas' penetration. Then we find Kaun posting up, and PAO's defenders being outside of the paint, leaving him play the one on one situation, but never letting another player to receive an inside-out pass. Afterwards Pekovic is defending Kaun and we see him helping again. And finally, Batiste making three different helps during CSKA's offense.

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Anonymous said...

excellent analysis.Congratulations fron Greece.You've demonstrated pao's playbook on both ends of the court in an excellent way.Keep up the good work..