Thursday, August 6, 2009


There isn’t much basketball to watch in Europe these days. Everybody is waiting for the Men’s European Championship to start… But anyway, you can always find some games, maybe friendly games or even pre-European Championship… and you can always find interesting details.

Today I bring you a situation from the Portuguese National Team (whose coach is the Spanish Moncho López) in which we can see a very good timing in the execution of their offense.

In the modern basketball is harder and harder for the offense to play isolated situations (i.e. a ball screen situation) because the defense is ready to play against those situations. So you need to play different options at the same time to make defender’s life a little bit more difficult. And here is where the timing becomes the key.

In today’s video we can see the Portuguese team playing a ball screen on the side and at the same time, a back screen in the middle. Also, when the screener rolls towards the basket, there are another three players moving (the player with the ball, the cutter, and the man from the corner, who pops to get a good shooting position). Thanks to all those moves, the player with the ball has many options, and the defense just can’t stop all of them.

Let’s take a look.

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