Friday, March 26, 2010

Stop Navarro!

Hello friends, I’d like to show you some defensive keys from yesterday’s game between R. Madrid and F.C. Barcelona in the Euroleague’s playoff.

I don’t have time enough to make a good video but when the season is over I’ll do it if you want.

During the third quarter (in my opinion the key quarter of the game) Real Madrid’s work against former Grizzlie Juan Carlos Navarro was great.

On the defensive end, they played really hard, and there are some very interesting situations:

• Pick the picker: Navarro’s defender (X2) bumps Pete Mickeal and then X1 (Prigioni) and X2 (Bullock) switch.

• Transition, pick down: not only the defenders switch, but also X1 denies the easy way out, forcing Navarro to go towards the paint, receiving the ball with his back to the basket.

• Horizontal screen: switch, never mind the miss match. Whenever Navarro had an advantage, the screener’s defender switched.

• Side screens: deny the screen.

• 1 on 1: ball side defenders' hedge, help side defenders jump to stop penetrations.

But something very important, R. Madrid not only worked against Navarro on defense, but also on offense.

They played two different situations to keep him busy on defense. Screens, screens and screens…

• Back pick + pick down.

• Down screen, clear out.

They stopped Navarro, who played the first seven minutes of the third quarter, and went back to the bench with zero points and one assist in that time (he ended the game with 4 points and 3 assists by the way)

Now, let’s get ready for, at least, two more games, and maybe three… the prize is the Euroleague’s Final Four!!!

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Chris Denker said...

Great post as always Raul.

I noticed the switching as well (Pick the Picker): an OFFENSIVE adjustment I've always made (let's see if Xavi does) is to overload 1 to the ballside corner which empties his defender out making it impossible to switch Guard to Guard.

In Transition, Rubio (1) should look to slip that screen more and 5 needs to screen X1 rather than double down on X2. You may remember a few years ago when Spain played Argentina in Worlds, Pepu ran a set similar to this and gave JC and Jose Calderon the option of slipping or rejecting the screen and going the other way...good counter.

On side pick & roll vs. your deny (in US a lot of teams refer to that as "Down" or "Blue" technique) I tell my bigs to "flip" the screen, meaning screen X2 to allow 2 to go towards the baseline and then either pop or roll middle, force X4 to leave the paint area or Navarro will have an open jumper.

One of the best things you see in series matchups is what adjustments the coaches make from game to game (and in-game adjustments). Let's see what Barca comes back with!

Chris Denker
NetScouts Basketball