Monday, May 17, 2010

Shot Fake + Spin = Rondo

As Coach D'Antoni would say, "OK guys, real quick" (this is a recommendation, if you like baskeball, you'll like Seven seconds or less) It's one of the books I've read during our season here in Spain, and I've enjoyed it from the first page until the end.

So, let's go real quick. Everybody is talking about the Celtics and their PG Rajon Rondo. He's performing great (in my humble opinion he's been doing so for a couple or three seasons actually) and he's showing nice "tricks" as the one I bring today (there will be more, I promise).

He drives fast towards the basket (we'll let the crossover for another post), he stops, fakes the shot (bye bye, Varejao and Parker) and spins to score the layup. Quickness, balance, bball IQ... Beautiful, isn't it? It happens, Playoff Time.

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