Saturday, February 12, 2011

Copa Del Rey: David Navarro

The last signing before the Spanish "Copa del Rey" started has been David Navarro, who agreed terms with Power Electronics Valencia.

He's a player coming from lower divisions, who's worked a lot to reach the ACB. And when this happens, when you have been coaching many years facing a player and he finally makes it to the Big League, you must be happy for him.

He's a hard worker, who has a lot of talent in Offense and who won't let you down on defense. His last (half) season in LEB Gold has been outstanding, he's been the "go to" guy for Girona, and everybody has tried to stop him as a key to beat his team. Not many were able to do it...

Coast to coast, shots (spot up, coming off dribble, coming off screens, fastbreak, step back) 1x1 (great first step and good use of both hands)... And still better, a smart guy who will find the way to score however you try to defend him.

Great player, and great work ethic, as he's been improven year after year all along his career.

Right before the "Copa del Rey" semis, here you have this relatively unknown player.

Good luck!

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