Friday, March 11, 2011

Three Seconds? Enough!

That’s the time Caja Laboral Baskonia needed (twice) to run two great plays last week against Lietuvos Rytas. Even if they didn’t score off those plays, you realize their level of execution and readiness is really high.

The first one is a quick inbounding situation in which they place the pointguard to inbound, and to receive the second pass avoiding his defender with a strong cut. Macelinho Huertas runs the court (look at the shotclock, he needs just 2.2 seconds to go coast to coast and shoot) and he ends up shooting a three pointer that is really close to get in.

Then we have this sideline play, in which they make everyone (and I mean every single one in the arena) think Teletovic is the go to guy (his defender and Barac’s switch to keep him off the ball) to find Barac under the basket (and look at San Emeterio pointing at his center to let the inbounder know he’s free…)

So, next time you think a game is over… think twice! as three seconds are enough.


Emili Paz said...

This is what makes basketball a really exciting sport because literally every second counts! It takes some really skilled and highly experienced players to capitalize on these crucial opportunities, though.

Raúl Jiménez said...

I agree. It's great when a team works so well. Great respect for Coach Ivanovic.