Monday, June 20, 2011

LEB Gold: U. B. La Palma

Another one of this League’s teams, U. B. La palma, coached by Carlos Frade, have played great basketball during some periods during the regular season.

They have been a nicely coached team, mixing some young players and some league’s veterans. Their agreement with Gran Canaria ACB was a terrific step for U. B. as they received some really interesting players to add to their squad. Palacios (second year in the league) Odiakosa (an ACB body, and a legit ACB player soon) or Martínez (keep an eye in the American forward) were some of the keys of the team. Let’s not forget Dani Rodríguez, who wil be desired during the summer by many of the LEB Gold teams (and we’ll see if any ACB team too)

They have shown a wonderful transition offense, in which they looked for quick solutions to score. Among those, ball screens with the PG and the center, or high – low situations (probably one of the best teams all over the league finding the connection between bigs from high post to low post) Their bigs knew how to duck in properly and they had a very soft touch to give that pass. Once they had the defender behind their back, it was almost impossible to stop them.

Their unselfishness was one of the keys. When you see how they move the ball, how they share the ball, how in many plays the ball went from one side to the other, then inside, then outside… You understand why it was one of the best teams to watch from the outside, and one of the most difficult to stop for the other teams.

Here we can see how their transition offense keeps going, how they swing the ball and how they run a side screen to get a lot of advantages after the defense has been moving for a while. Also the mid screen (by surprise, the big pops and sets the pick for the PG) gave them many options (they had the right spacing and, again, the needed unselfishness to make it work) Their timing was great most of the times…

To finish with their offense details, and continuing with their transition, here we can see a different option in which the big sets an off ball screen so the wing can go hard to the rim, and if he doesn’t get the ball, he will come back using the big’s down screen. I’ve really liked the way they play from “weak” side and how they try to hurt the defense with those cuts.

Let’s end with their full court pressure. They were one of the most aggressive teams when pressing (quite often, by the way) and the way their bigs read this kind of defense was really important for them. Once again, Odiakosa and Palacios were key players for U. B. La Palma. See how the big is aware of the bad passes, and always ready to jump and trap.

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