Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eurobasket 2011: Germany

Next game, Germany.

Germany and Nowitzki. They go together. We should not forget Kaman, Herber (terrific shooter), Benzing, Jagla (mini – Nowitzki), Hammann...

But everything starts by Nowitzki.

They will run some plays to let their “go to” player receive near the basket, or facing the basket. From that moment, he’ll take care of Germany’s offense. We all know he is great in low post, in high post, beyond the line... Well, he’s great everywhere.

So their teammates and coach know, and they set many off ball screens to free him. I showed a clip yesterday in my twitter account to give the first example (yes, he’s not perfect). And I want to show you some more situations now.

They like to play this isolation for Kaman and Nowitzki. The other players will be placed on weak side, moving without the ball, trying to keep help side defenders busy. Nowitzki’s defender should not help, so it’s a good 1 on 1 situation for their center.

Also this screen for Nowitzki to find an open shot when the defender gets stucked, or a good option to penetrate if the defender comes late. Here we see a very good defense (Gallinari) chasing Germany’s star and being close to steal the ball.

This one is by far the situation they run more often. A screen set by the pointguard so Nowitzki can choose, low post or three point line. As you know, he’s likely to hit his shots from both spots.

Can’t wait for the game to start!

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