Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eurobasket Tweets: Serbia

Yesterday I tweeted Serbia's National Team details from their friendly and first Eurobasket games.

It was kind of fun to update my timeline with those small clips from the Serbian team.

Here you have them all together. Remember you can follow me on twitter, rjmbasket08

Serbia Ball screen def: the defender PUSHES the ball so he can go through the screen easily. No advantages!

Serbia-Teodosic: PASS.No looking vs pressure,1 hand (right),1 hand (left) over the head in P&R.1st and 3rd TERRIFIC

Serbia. Full court press: Steals, switches, rotations...

Serbia. 2 ball screens play: Many inside clear out situations with shooters menace beyond the 3 point line (Savanovic...)

Serbia. No fastbreak allowed: Teodosic and all his teammates won't hesitate. Foul

Serbia. Ball Screen Def (more): Disadvantage, switch, stop the ball, don't stop running. Steal. Terrific.

Serbia. Team rotation. They switch in ball screen and three players rotate to avoid missmatch:

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