Thursday, September 1, 2011

On The Road To Lithuania: Great Britain

What I like from Great Britain’s team is they are trying to mix styles. Their league is well known for being a run and gun competition. But now they have many players playing abroad (they have NBA, NBAD-League and NCAA players, ACB players, NBL-Czech Rep...) and they need to make them play as a team. Coaches Finch and Nurse are trying to do it, and I think they are doing a good work.

There’s something they seem to have clear though, if you can score in the first 10” of the shotclock, just do it:

As you know I like to show at least a play they use, and this one is simple and effective. They’ve been running it during their friendly games and I think is a good situation to get a good advantage. They look like they’re running a pick and roll on one side, and then, when the defense is ready to play against it, they quickly change the ball to the other side and run the screen there. The defense can be caught off balance and that’s the key for the ballhandler and the screener to go one step ahead.

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