Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Big Man Defense

Big men's defense is one interesting topic when we talk about team defense nowadays.

Gran Canaria faced Baskonia last game, and they were ready to play against Lamont Hamilton.
  • They managed to force Hamilton to receive with both feet outside of the paint (many times!) so they don't need to help at all.
  • Xavi Rey does a good 1 on 1 defensive work.
  • They seem to be ready to deny easy drives towards baseline.
  • They hedge really well, mostly from ball side which can appear to be counterintuitive, but it is seen more and more often in top level basketball.
  • Hedge / help coming from different positions / players (sometimes from the passer, sometimes from the top, sometimes from both… not easy for Hamilton to get used to it)
  • They give their players some freedom to make decisions, sometimes they can decide to be even more aggressive and double team (surprise!)
  • They have a solution for the middle ball screen problem (when playing "show" with the big guy's defender)
I'm going to show you some details with a short video, but if you want you can watch the full uncut film with all 17 actions clicking on the link at the end of the short one.

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