Wednesday, February 18, 2009

King's Cup 2009 Preview: R.Madrid-Barcelona

It’s the most awaited game and they faced in the Euroleague two weeks ago.

Real Madrid will keep on looking for Bullock, who will be waiting for his time to come. Barcelona’s defensa against him will be really hard again.

Real Madrid often run off ball screens for his “go to” guy, and they continue those off the ball screens situations with ball screens, and clear out situations. Bullock + Reyes, the Real Madrid’s Dynamic Duo, will make Barcelona think twice before selecting their defensive options.

Other players will have to pop, like Marko Tomas, the croatioan who had a key role in Real’s last victory against Barcelona in the Euroleague. He’ll probably be running some plays often directed to Bullock, to make Juan Carlos Navarro work on defense. That way they manage to contact with Reyes more often, as Navarro’s defense wasn’t so hard, and allowed Tomas to receive easier and pass to Reyes easier too.

As we can see in the video, Felipe Reyes keeps growing as a player, and is starting to finish with his left hand when posting up. That make me ask myself if he will stop improving in the near future… and the answer is I don’t think so!

Barcelona, will probably play a lot with their inside players, to overload Felipe Reyes’ defense. Santiago, Vazquez, Andersen and Ilyasova will have an important work to do. Also the perimeter players will have to help their big men, by going against Felipe in any miss match situation.

Barcelona have a lot of plays to put the ball in the paint, and players as Navarro can punish the inside helps every single time.

And they will go on their offense against Bullock too. Clear out situations, post up situations… a lot of possible strategies. Basile posting up, as Vazquez, Andersen or Ilyasova wait far from the basket will be a good option to score against Bullock.

We will see, but it will be another great game in that historic rivalry.

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