Tuesday, February 17, 2009

King's Cup 2009 Preview: Pamesa - TAU

Along the next days, until the begining of the Spanish King's Cup 2009, I'll show you some details of the teams that will be fighting for it in Madrid. The videos will make easier to understand those details. Today we start with the Pamesa Valencia-TAU Baskonia game.


They have been a streaky team along the season, they are the only team which changed their headcoach with the season started.

Their outside players have been the key of their offensive game. Both with coach Katsikaris and coach Spahija, pick and roll situations have been used very often.

Shammond Williams, Oliver and Avdalovic are the main starrings of the ball screen situations. They can hit the three or drive to the basket. They know how to use the defensive gaps.

As we can see on the video, they run many different ball screens situations. Central and side picks. Nielsen’s arrival has given an extra to the team, due to his passing ability and his unselfish approach. Let’s remember that Victor Claver is still injured and won’t play the King’s Cup.

I’d like to know how Neven Spahija (Pamesa’s coach) will face TAU. Will they play zone defenses? How will they try to stop Prigioni? What about Mickael?


Unstoppable in the ACB and very solid in the Euroleague. Look at their rithym!!!

As well as we talked about Pamesa’s pick and rolls, we can’t forget that TAU is one of the best “pick and roll oriented teams” here in Europe. Prigioni + Splitter (he will soon be a NBA player) or Prigioni + Teletovic (he will soon be a NBA player) master this art.

Pete Mickael is a headache for his rivals. When he plays as small forward, going to the low post, when playing the power forward, facing the basket. And don’t forget their inside players… Splitter – Teletovic are probably the best inside couple in Europe. McDonald and Barac bring their help from the bench.

Should I speak about Rakocevic? We all know his level, we all know he’s been on fire the whole season’s first half… let’s sit down and watch him play.

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