Thursday, April 30, 2009

CSKA: On Their Way To Berlin

Let's finish with this "Euroleague's Week". Today we'll focus on the Russian team, CSKA. During some moments along the regular season, they've played the best basketball in Europe, running a great offense and playing a wonderful defense.

There is an offensive pattern that CSKA is using during the last years. They have achieved great success running the "crosspick" with different players since Messina arrived to Moscow.

I've already talked about CSKA's crosspick before, you can take a look here.

They are still playing that situation, and again scoring easily off this play. They have Siskaukas, Langdon, Smodis, Lorbek or Khryapa, and all of them create a lot of problems to the defense. As you can see in the video, they can receive under the basket and score, but they also can be patient and keep playing until they get an advantage, they'll play without the ball, they'll wait... and finally the good shot will be there.

Their semi against Barcelona will be a great game, you will see...

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