Thursday, June 4, 2009

LEB Gold – Final: (I) Carlos Cazorla

Alicante achieved their goal and after beating Melilla in the LEB gold final, they are the new ACB team for next season.

I’ll show you, through the next posts, some interesting details from the final game of the season.

Today we take a look at Carlos Cazorla’s defense against Cuthbert Victor. While everybody was delighted with Kyle Hill’s threes, not many people realized the importance of Cazorla’s defensive work during the game.

Melilla run different situations to give the ball to Victor in the low post when he plays the forward. Very often he’s got an advantage there against smaller defenders. Carlos Cazorla managed to stop him all along the game, not allowing him to receive easily and playing really hard against Victor.

The video speaks by itself, Cazorla played defense in front, worked hard to deny pass lines, and used his fouls wisely when needed, sending Cuthbert Victor to the free throw line before he could even try to score with a power move whenever he received the ball in good position (and before he could get the basket and the foul…)

Let’s watch it…

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