Thursday, June 11, 2009

Women’s European Championship: Spain

The Spanish team is playing a very good Championship, with three wins in three games. Today they start the second round, playing against Greece.

There are some interesting situations I want to bring here, and I’ll begin with fastbreak and zone offense.

There is a “fastbreak habit” in the Spanish team, and specially in some inside players (e.g. Ana Montañana) that gives them a lot of easy baskets. It’s something Montañana and her teammates do very often in Ros Casares, as I showed some time ago. Now she’s running for Spain too.

Focusing now on the zone offense, the Spanish team runs a simple ball screen to get advantages. As we can see in the video, the ball screen makes the upper line defenders to focus on the ball, causing an offensive superiority on the weak side. The pass’ receiver can shoot, drive or pass, as she has two open teammates.

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