Sunday, September 11, 2011

Eurobasket 2011: France

Next game, France.

The most physical team all over the Eurobasket. They are in very good shape. They’re playing very good basketball, without mistakes, with discipline, with their stars playing together, sharing the ball... A team that likes to run. They are strong rebounders on both sides, and they solve their lack of shooters with very good spacing and teamwork.

Boris Diaw has been hot during the previous games, going to work often in mid post, and showing all his skills with and without the ball. Good passer from the paint, he’s scoring and assisting. They run this situation for him very often. Once the ball goes inside, the other players move well to difficult helps. The guard pops using to screens and then Diaw (sometimes Noah) receives a screen to get the ball in low – mid post. Watch out the first cutter (often, Batum)

You could think (many teams have) that zone defense is a good weapon against France. It should be. They don’t have great shooters, so they should struggle facing a zone. Well, they don’t. They play really well against zone defense. Their spacing, the way they use the screens, their offensive rebound...

Here, take a look at their bigs, setting screens for the guard, playing from behind the defense (really important concept against zones) popping to hig post, spreading the zone from the inside (high post player goes to the free throw line, low post player almost touches baseline)

A strong dribble attracts two defenders. The spacing is great. An off ball screen frees another player on weak side. Two defenders are defending no one, high – low action...

Three players moving together, a ball screen for Parker and an off ball screen against the upper line’s second defender. Free way for Parker to drive and an easy pass outside in case he can’t finish. Teamwork.

Really important against zones. Offensive rebound.

And not only against the zone. They follow penetrations, and get the rebounds coming from nowhere...

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