Monday, September 12, 2011

Eurobasket 2011: Turkey's Baseline Out Of Bounds

Yesterday, Turkey lost to Serbia in a win or go home game. It was in the very last play of the game that they didn't manage to score in a baseline out of bounds situation. Serbia played good defense and they made it to Quarter Finals.

Turkey wanted to inbound the ball and play a sidescreen between Onan and Turkoglu, probably looking for a pick and pop situation for Turkoglu to score. Their idea was to free Onan with an off ball screen and then Turkoglu would set the screen

Serbia switched in the off ball screen, and Macvan made a hell of a job denying the pass to Onan. Markovic stayed with Ilyasova, who finally received (far from the basket due to Teodosic's denial position) and tried a quick shot (maybe too quick) with three seconds remaining.

Here is the video:

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