Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LEB Gold: Double Diagonal Screens - Ball Inside

There are some “go to” inside players in LEB Gold. The teams work hard to find them in mid – low post but sometimes is not easy to put the ball inside. Some teams are using these double diagonal screens to free their bigs. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s a good option anyway.

As we see there are two small players setting the screens, so the defense can’t switch easily or there would be a miss match. If the timing is good and the screens are hard enough, they’ll give the big man a small advantage, maybe half a second, to get the position and the inside pass. From that point on, he must go to work.

In the first clip we see J. T. Durley (former Wichitta State player) from León. He’s made a great impact in the first three games of the LEB league, averaging 20 points per game with an astounding 75’9% in 2pt shots, 60% in 3pt shots and 77’8 in FT.

In the second clip, as there is no pass inside when the big man (Kevin Langford, yes, Keith Langford’s brother) comes off the screens, Navarra’s players keep running the play, and they end up playing a ball screen to score in the last seconds of the shot clock.

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