Friday, October 21, 2011

LEB Gold: Burgos - Stop Antelo!

One more week of LEB Gold.

Today I want to show you how one of the league’s best teams, Burgos, managed to stop one of the league’s stars, Jose Angel Antelo, a power forward whose skills allow him to post up, to play facing the basket and to hit the three. Antelo is also terrific shooting coming off drible. He is averaging 17 points and 8 rebounds with an astounding 50% in 3 point shots.

Here you can take a look at his stats

Burgos’ defense was great. They allowed Antelo only one uncontested shot all along the game. And from their 1 on 1 defense to their ball screen defense, everything worked fine to let him in 3 points (1/6 FG) and 4 rebounds.

As we see in the video, Burgos decided to defend ball screens in two different ways: “switch” and “push”. And by doing this, they never allowed him an advantage rolling or popping (he’s a killer playing pick and pop)

Burgos’ 1 on 1 defense was intense and focused. Always close to him. No helps. Always on hand raised to contest his shots. He rather prefered to pass the ball than play himself a couple of times in clear situations.

Other times he wasn’t allowed to get the ball.

So, great individual and team defense. Sometimes it may seem that’s easy, but I tell you it is not. Burgos made it look easy. Hats off!

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