Friday, October 28, 2011

LEB Gold: Full Court Pressure

This is a “full court press league” as most of its teams play that kind of defense quite often, or at least are ready to use it if they need to. I mean, you need to work this defense either you like it or not, because during the season you’ll face it a lot of times.

Let’s take a look at the first games of the season to get a sight of some of these full court defenses. In the video we will find:

Man to man, defenders in full denial position, right in front of their man, with their back to the ball. It’s interesting to see how they switch (keeping their denial position anyway) when the attackers decide to screen for each other or just to switch sides.

Man to man, defenders on three quarters denial position.

Man to man, defenders behind their man’s back.

Also let’s notice sometimes there is a defender at the top of the defense, taking care of the inbounder:

Inbounder’s defender double teams agains the first receiver when he gets the ball. As we can see in one of the clips, this is far less risky when a big guy inbounds the ball, as it’s not a big deal if the inbounder manages to receive the ball again and starts dribbling. Actually this may be one of the defense’s goals.

Inbounder’s defender denying first pass (he can be watching the ball or with his back towards it) double teaming against the first receiver (before he gets the ball)

Run and jump pressure (switching when needed, trapping when there is an option to)

Take a look at the video:

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