Wednesday, November 9, 2011

LEB Gold: Low Post Defense

There are many different ways to defend the low post. We can find some of them in this new LEB Gold’s post.

We will see some double team situations, and also some good help side action that keeps the ball off the low post. At the end, a pure good old one on one defense avoiding the go to guy to get the ball and also runnin the break afterwards to score.

The video starts with a serie of clips showing double teams. First, the trap is set before the receiver dribbles. Afterwards, it is set when the post starts dribbling. We have traps with the defender coming from help side and also some of them whith the defender coming from ball side.

In the very first clip we can see how the help side’s defender takes care of two players and goes wherever the pass is sent. He gets a nice steal and drives coast to coast.

Once we finish with double team situations, let’s take a look at how a good one on one defense, plus the right positioning on help side avoid the inside pass.

In the first clip of the serie, we have the mid post defender denying the pass, and we see how the cutter defender let his man go towards the opposite side and stays right under the rim, aware of a lob pass. Let’s notice how there is no high – low option because the defender is also doing a good denial job. Even when the high post player goes back door, the positioning of the defenders won’t allow the easy basket.

The second clip shows a wonderful one on one defense (without the ball) in which the defender not only denies the pass inside, but also keeps his guy off the paint avoiding an offensive rebound effort. What’s best, after this good defense, our man runs the break to score, punishing a bad defensive balance.

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