Saturday, November 19, 2011

LEB Gold: Alley Hoop Canarias

After 10 games, Canarias is the leader of the league, scoring 94 points per game, and once again showing a fun to watch basketball, with high pace and quick shots.

They’ve done the same for years under coach Alejandro Martínez and maybe this is their moment to take a step forward and reach the ACB.

They’ve been running this offensive set for all this years. It’s a reminder that a good execution can beat the scoutings year after year. Also, it’s a good way to show Canarias’ style. Players like Jakim Donaldson, Nayal Koshwal or Rod Flemmings have enjoyed it.

Starting with both bigs placed near the three point line, the pointguard sends a lob pass and the power forward goes backdoor to get the ball and (most of the times) dunk.

There is a curious detail that shows a non verbal comunication between the passer and the big, maybe you have noticed... in some of this clips, the pointguard changes the ball between his legs before giving the pass. I think this is the signal for the big to look for that option...

Take a look. Showtime.

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