Thursday, June 21, 2012

SF Advantage. South America 2012

I'm watching the South American Championship these days. There are very good teams and very good players and coaches.

Here I bring a nice situation Argentina started playing against Venezuela to get an advantage for their small forward Marcos Mata (he'll be well known soon) who is much bigger and stronger than his defender Jose Vargas.

Argentina place their "4" at the corner (Leo Gutierrez, a hell of a shooter) and are supposed to look for their "3" inside. You can even hear how they tell Vargas to fight against Mata's posting up from the Venezuela's bench.

Instead, in the first play, Mata will surprise the defenders by faking the hand off pass but driving hard towards the basket. As we said, Leo Gutierrez is right in the corner so his defender can't take the risk of a long help.

In the next offense, they run the same situation, but this time they do look for Mata inside. He gives the hand off pass, and then they run a pick and roll situation. As we can see, their "5" (Leiva) clears out the low post so Mata can go to work against Vargas. Right spacing, and Mata scores again.

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