Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Preseason: High / Low

I want to show today a high - low play from Obradoiro. A very well coached team which always shows interesting situations.

They start with "2" and "3" crisscrossing in baseline. Then "5" sets a screen for "2" (who receives the pass from the pointguard) and pops to the three point line. At the same time "3" sets a baseline screen for "4" who can either receive the pass straight from "2" or, as he actually does, establish his position inside for the high-low. It's a good self-pick move that allows the pass from "5"

We see in the second clip how they run the same situation even if "3" doesn't set the off ball screen. The selfpick, the high low pass... Nice spacing and nice passing skills are mandatory. "4's" cut towards the ball combined with the pass to "5" is a difficult situation to defend. The focus of the cutter is on one side, while the ball is going towards the opposite side.

Let's watch it...

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